*The Virginia Center on Aging which administers the Alzheimer’s and Related Diseases Research Award Fund for the Commonwealth of Virginia, provides seed money to researchers in Virginia to stimulate innovative research into biomedical and psychosocial aspects of dementia, including cell biology, caregiving, and animal modeling.



Organization Authors Project Title
University of Virginia Carol Manning, PhD, ABPP-CN, Steven DeKosky, MD, and Ishan C. Williams, PhD Vascular risk factors and cognition in African Americans
Marymount University Julie D. Ries, PhD, PT Balance training program designed for university individuals with Alzheimer’s disease: the effect on balance and falls
Virginia Commonwealth University Vladimir Sidorov, PhD Identification and characterization of nAChRs clustered in cell membrane lipid rafts using novel patching technique with chemically modified electrodes
University of Virginia Inchan Kwan, PhD, and Erik Fernandez, PhD Revealing the effect of food dyes on amyloid-beta structure cyto-toxicity relationships
Ferrum College Megan M. St. Peters, PhD Who forgot the hippocampus?  Potential involvement in the neural circuitry of attentional control
Virginia Commonwealth University Dong Sun, MD, PhD Excessive Inflammation in aging population following brain injury impairs hippocampal neurogenesis and cognitive function: implications for Alzheimer’s disease


2012-2013 ARDRAF Awards Committee

  • Paul Aravich, PhD – Eastern Virginia Medical School
  • Kathleen Fuchs, PhD – University of Virginia
  • John C. Hackett, PhD – Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Myra G. Owens, PhD – Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Manoj Patel, PhD – University of Virginia Health System
  • Linda Phillips, PhD – Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Beverly A. Rzigalinski, PhD – Virginia Tech
  • Patricia A. Trimmer, PhD – Virginia Commonwealth University
  • E. Ayn Welleford, PhD – Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Abby R. Whittington, PhD – Virginia Tech
  • Shijun Zhang, PhD – Virginia Commonwealth University


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