*The Virginia Center on Aging which administers the Alzheimer’s and Related Diseases Research Award Fund for the Commonwealth of Virginia, provides seed money to researchers in Virginia to stimulate innovative research into biomedical and psychosocial aspects of dementia, including cell biology, caregiving, and animal modeling.



Organization Authors Project Title
Virginia Commonwealth University Severn B. Churn, PhD Neuronal mechanisms of trauma induced Alzheimer’s disease
George Mason University Vasiliki N. Ikonomidou, PhD and Pamela Greenwood, PhD Detection of ApoE-related White Matter degeneration using tissue specific MRI: sensitivity and implications for cognitive function
Alzheimer’s Association Southeastern Virginia Patricia Lacey, MBA, Sonya Barsness, MSG and Scott Sautter, PhD The impact of early Alzheimer’s support and education programs on both diagnosed participants and their care partners
Virginia Commonwealth University Kate Lapane, PhD Assessment of factors which influence
physician decision-making regarding medication use in patients with dementia at the end of life
Eastern Virginia Medical School Serina A. Neumann, PhD, and colleague Donepezil’s effect on cardiac function in patients with Alzheimer’s disease through an in vivo, non invasive measure of peripheral neuro-cholinergic function: relation to
therapeutic efficacy


2010-2011 ARDRAF Awards Committee

  • Paul Aravich, PhD – Eastern Virginia Medical School 
  • John W. Bigbee, PhD – Virginia Commonwealth University 
  • Jorge Cortina, MD – Hampton VA Medical Center 
  • Jeffrey L. Dupree, PhD – Virginia Commonwealth University 
  • Christine J. Jensen, PhD – College of William and Mary 
  • Peter Kennelly, PhD – Virginia Tech 
  • Richard Lindsay, MD – University of Virginia 
  • Myra Owens, PhD – Virginia Commonwealth University 
  • Linda Phillips, PhD – Virginia Commonwealth University 
  • Beverly A. Rzigalinski, PhD – Via College of Osteopathic Medicine 
  • Jodi Teitelman, PhD – Virginia Commonwealth University 
  • Patricia A. Trimmer, PhD – University of Virginia Health System
  • E. Ayn Welleford, PhD – Virginia Commonwealth University


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