Compiled by Andrea Barber, MSW, Fairfax Department of Family Services and Andrea Jones, APS
Division Consultant, Northern Virginia Region, January 2014

Money Management International, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Credit education and counseling.

Save and Invest basic info, debt control, planning for the future.

FINRA Investor Education Foundation – – Investment education

National Education and Resource Center on Women and Retirement Planning –

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) – – money Smart online training
for older adults

The National Center for Victims of Crime
downloadable booklet: An Advocate’s Guide to Assisting Victims of Financial Fraud.

US Postal Inspection Service Report incidents, see current scams
and Most Wanted by state, resources for clients. Reshipping Scams

Office of Inspector General, USPS – – hotline to report crimes.

Virginia Cooperative Extension, – Free financial planning information.

US Senate Aging Committee Fraud Hotline, – Report fraud, and obtain
information on preventing Medicare scams.

  • Warning Signs of Diminished Financial Capacity
  • Forgetting to pay bills
  • Paying the same bills several times
  • Misplacing financial and other documents at home
  • Missing tax and other deadlines
  • Declining checkbook management skills
  • Trouble with basic math skills such as making change
  • Loss of general knowledge about financial terms such as mortgage
  • Impaired judgment about financial investments and use of money such as:
    • Interest in get-rich-quick schemes
    • Unfounded anxiety about the nature and extent of one’s personal wealth

Tribel and Marson, Generations, Summer 2012