Dementia State Plan

held December 15, 2011

This live presentation and discussion was on the Dementia State Plan: Virginia’s Response to the Needs of Individuals with Dementia and their Caregivers. The Virginia Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders Commission has worked diligently to develop this plan through collaboration with researchers and clinicians and through a statewide series of public hearings providing valuable input from individuals with dementia and family caregivers. These hearings were facilitated by organizations such as the four chapters of the Alzheimer’s Association serving Virginia, and an online public comment period was publicized through a network of health and trade organizations.

Approximately one in eight older adults is affected with Alzheimer’s disease, the fifth leading cause of death, and the number affected is expected to triple by 2050.


Planning now is essential and the five goals of the plan provide a comprehensive vision to:

  1. Coordinate Quality Dementia Services to Ensure Dementia Capability
  2. Use Dementia Related Data to Improve Public Health
  3. Increase Awareness and Create Dementia Specific Training
  4. Provide Access to Quality Coordinated Care in the Most Integrated Setting
  5. Expand Resources for Translational Research and Evidence-Based Practices

While achieving this vision will likely require additional resources, progress will also be made through innovation and collaboration.



VA State Plan Webinar

Download the slides here.


Review the Virginia Dementia State Plan